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Transform Your Team & Achieve Incredible Growth in 9 Simple Steps. 

Stressed that most of your opportunities have stalled or dried up?
Collect a free copy of the plan our clients are using to make the first step forward to transforming their sales team
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Hire Smarter 

Gut instincts are right 46% of the time....


Using science, data, and proven strategies, our recruiting process is 92% reliable identifying who will succeed in your company, selling your products and services to future clients.

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Coach Better


What impact are your sales managers having?  Studies show only 5% of sales managers coach effectively.  Do yours?


A sales manager should ideally be spending 50% of their week actively coaching their team.


We help develop your leaders with the techniques & skills they need to improve the coaching that grows sales.

"We hired Ventas to help improve our overall sales capabilities.  The results we enjoy today would have taken us years to achieve on our own.

It was the best investment we ever made in our people.

I would recommend Ventas to any business owner that needs help with developing their sales team." 


- Roy Leahy, CEO & Chairman Legacy Maintenance Services


Sell 37% More


Does your sales team have the right mindset, motivation, & skills that are needed to win on a consistent basis?

Sales effectiveness could be your competitive advantage...Our clients grow on average 37% when using our proven process.

"VENTAS" - NOUN  "the area of application targeted at helping salespeople identify, track, and forecast selling opportunities and bring them to successful closure more effectively".