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Gut instincts are right 46% of the time....


Using science and data from over 1.8M cases, our recruiting process is 92% accurate at identifying who will succeed in your company, selling your products and services to your potential clients.

Coach 10X Better


Only 5% of sales managers coach effectively.  Do yours?


A salesmanager should ideally be spending 50% of their week actively coaching their team.


We help your team implement proven strategies that provide your leaders with the systems & skills they need to improve their coaching frequency & leadership effectiveness.

"We have retained Ventas to provide strategies with sales recruiting and developing our new sales leaders coaching abilities.


I would recommend Ventas to any business owner that needs help with their sales effectiveness and developing their sales team."  -


Roy Leahy, President

Legacy Maintenance Services

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Does your sales team have the right mindset, motivation, & skills that are needed to win on a consistent basis?

Sales effectiveness could be your competitive advantage...Our clients grow on average 37% when using our proven process.

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"VENTAS" - NOUN  "the area of application targeted at helping salespeople identify, track, and forecast selling opportunities and bring them to successful closure more effectively".

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