Clients We Serve

We work closely with growth-minded business leaders that are concerned about their team's sales effectiveness.


Typically our clients have tried everything from sales training, to recruiting new sales people, compensation tweaks, and some have even purchased expensive marketing or CRM.....and none of these have seemed to work.


Turning around an under-performing team is not an easy task, if it was everyone would be doing it.


We achieve incredible growth results (37% on average) by helping our clients identify and resolve 5 critical competencies to unlock their hidden potential and help them achieve their growth objectives.

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What Our Clients Say:


"We are a company that runs on the EOS model & my sales department needed help developing a sales scorecard that connected to our CRM. Ventas worked with us to implement the systems & processes we needed to execute more consistently.


We also invested in SalesStar Academy to upskill our sales people which has made a big difference in our ability to win new clients.


We continue to work with Ventas on our recruiting strategies and they have been exceptional helping us identify strong candidates and creating on-boarding plans to insure a quick ramp-up.


I would recommend Ventas to any business leader that needs help developing a growing sales team."

- Eddie Davis President, Legacy Maintenance Services.


What Our Clients Say:

"We were expanding into new marketplaces and making significant investments in marketing and people.  One of our  biggest sales issues was the difference in closing rates between our top sales guys and those that were burning through expensive leads. 


I knew we needed to bring on better sales people to hit the growth targets I set. The last thing we could afford to do was make any more hiring mistakes with new sales people.

SalesStar's approach that helped us refine our sales strategy & sales methods was extremely effective.  We started seeing strong results almost immediately. The new hires they helped us identify & recruit became some of our top producers within their first 6 months.


I was impressed & would recommend SalesStar to any business owner that is committed to excellence in their business."


Kevin Delaney - CEO and Chairman Total Home Companies