3 things golf and sales have in common

Updated: May 30, 2019

You must be thinking to yourself, what could he possibly be thinking - but please follow along....I think you will be amused.

When thinking of how to improve my selling skills or when trying in vain to enjoy a round of golf, I can't stop thinking of how the 2 very different activities have so much in common.....

#1. They are both very individual contests.

Sure, you can sell in teams - occasionally...... and even pro golfers get together every 2 years for the Team format "Ryder Cup", but success in most sales roles and golf ultimately come down to how You perform and not so much anyone else.

#2. It's your "bad shots" or "weaknesses" that prevent you from achieving great success.

Those of us that golf and sell know that we have the ability to hit a good shot from time to time, but it's consistency and ultimately minimizing our "bad shots" that separate exceptional performers from the middle of the pack.

Example: salespeople that may be very good presenters but don't do enough prospecting to fill their pipelines fall short of true sales greatness.

Another example: salespeople that do not ask enough good questions to truly understand client desires often lose qualified deals as a result.

Both of these "bad shots" keep a potentially good sales person from becoming "Great".

"drive for show but & putt for the dough" (do the small things right if you want to win).

3. Both golf and sales require great coaches to improve, regardless of skill level attained.

Consider the success Tiger Woods has had and the amount of coaching he has received throughout his career. And not from just his father, but a few of the greatest coaches of all time including: Butch Harmon, Hank Haney, & Sean Foley.

The same is true of great sales people.

A select few have an extremely high sales "DNA", but even then those that have risen to the top 5% of their Sales Team have benefited from great sales coaching, mentors, and peers along their path to success.

My point of sharing this analogy is that regardless of your pursuit, we all need to identify our "bad shots" by regularly analyzing and assessing our skills.

Golfers use video analysis, sales teams must use sales-specific evaluations.

Regardless of your current status, even the very best have relied on great coaching to achieve their success - in fact the best sales people benefit the most from really good, really specific coaching that minimizes their hidden weaknesses.

Does your Sales Team have a process to identify sales weaknesses?

Could your Sales Team benefit from better coaching?

Then it's time you consider working with an Objective Management Group, Certified Sales Team Developer and leveraging the tools that identify your Team's hidden sales weaknesses and fix these problems now.

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