3 Things You Must Do Now To Grow Sales.

Have you heard your sales team express how difficult it is right now to gain traction with new prospects, especially with your recently hired sales staff? These are unprecedented situations we're working through today, but certainly not impossible.

If you or your team has been waiting patiently on the sideline to take action, "hoping" the impacts of the pandemic pass, you may be in store for a very tough year, or two, or three ahead. We can't know for sure how long this disruption will last, but we can control our actions and implement new strategies now.

If you find your team is hoping more than doing and you're ready to improve your sales outcomes, keep reading. You're going to get 3 powerful tips you can implement quickly that will result in increased market share and reliable growth for your company.

1. Assess your team's current capabilities

The first step in any meaningful improvement initiative is to identify and measure what it is you need to improve. In the words of popular fitness instructor Tony Horton "how do you know if you're getting better if you don't know where you started?"

A sales-specific evaluation is the single most powerful and cost-effective step any business leader can take with their team. Not only does it provide predictive insights for what needs done & how far you must go to achieve improvement but it also provides the powerful insight of self-awareness. Self awareness is a strength of top-performers and if you're serious about performance improvement this is where to start.

A sales evaluation will provide you with these insights and more:

  • What competencies does your team need to improve to produce better sales outcomes?

  • How big of a role does their mindset have?

  • Who needs to be skilled-up and what areas do they need to improve?

  • Who can be counted on for growth and who needs a new role?

Does it make sense to remove guesswork & equip yourself with reliable data? Register for a free sample of a sales-specific evaluation.

2. Coach Better

Now that you know your team's starting point it's time to focus on the change agents that will be responsible for implementing this growth: sales leadership & management.

Front line sales managers are the catalyst to improving your team's sales effectiveness so don't forget to evaluate their abilities also.

How much of an impact are your managers having on their team?

Did you know that sales managers should be dedicating 50% of their time coaching their team, yet less than 10% of them do this consistently?

How often do your managers conduct a sales meeting where they check progress with their team's key sales activities? How often do they conduct 1-1 coaching sessions with their team and inspect their team's pipelines? Chances are, they're doing this much less than they need to and evaluating their coaching competencies is the 2nd critical step to take.

3. Implement a culture of continuous learning.

Changing the culture of your sales team is not an easy task and it can't be accomplished in a single event. If it could, we would all be sending our team to sales-training workshops and enjoying tremendous results. Instead, performance coaching needs to be embedded in your team's weekly routine.

How do you accomplish this cultural change?

It starts with creating an environment where accountability is achieved through process and not individual virtue.

What specific actions are you asking your team to perform and how are you measuring their progress against these initiatives?

What processes have you implemented that insures accountability to performing key activities are closely measured and strong coaching is provided to support any skill or mindset gaps?

How do your sales processes stack-up compared to others in your industry? Grade your team's processes for free here.

Are these 3 steps something that your team can self-assess and "figure out" on their own or does it make sense to enlist the services of an highly trained expert to help you implement these within 30 days?

If your tired of "waiting and hoping" the lingering effects of this pandemic will pass and you're ready to take action, reach out - we'd love to learn more about your specific challenges and learn together if there is an opportunity for us to collaborate.

Looking forward to hearing from you and working together on the intervention you know your team needs to reliably grow market share and increase revenue.

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