4 Steps To Achieve a High Performance Sales Team

Achieving a high performance sales team consists of creating structure & clarity that includes strategic planning, measures critical sales activities, and provides weekly accountability & skillset development through effective coaching.

Successful sales development CAN NOT happen overnight and WILL NOT occur with traditional training methods not supported with regular coaching.


Set Goals & Develop a Strategic Plan: - Set Goals: how much new business & "won deals" are needed to achieve your goals.- Strategy: get clarity around target market & target audience. Don’t assume your team knows this.- Develop your strategic messaging that support effective engagements: 

elevator pitch” & “unique value & Sales proposition” (UVP & USP)

- Map out your sales process “1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, Home”(Hint: Your customer rarely makes a decision from first encounter - does your sales process recognize & support this?)

Step# 2: 

Determine Critical Activities: - What are the 1-2 most important activities that your team must do every day in order to achieve their sales goals?- Are More than 1-2 things important....? Use the “Acid Test”: if nothing else changed, what are the 1-2 things your team can improve that will grow sales the most? ...Measure that.


Create a Scorecard- You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Period.- Implement a scorecard for keeping track of your team’s critical activities.- Focusing on “Leading Activity” KPIs vs. Lagging Activity KPIs (results) is a game-changer.


Weekly Coaching & Accountability - Develop a weekly cadence of coaching & accountability for your team.- Challenge & encourage your team to exceed their “leading activity” KPIs.- Develop the behavior and coach the skills needed to improve sales outcomes where learning “sticks” - in front of the customer. Sales development must be nurtured over time with a strategy that includes developing processes that include repetition and effective coaching. This discipline embeds the behavior changes needed to produce transformational sales results. Our “SalesStar-SDX” program provides you with all the tools & resources to implement these 4 critical steps needed for successful sales execution. To learn more, schedule a 15 minute session with one of our coaches and put your team on a path to sustainable & predictable growth. Schedule Now. Want to go it alone? Here's a Strategic Sales Plan template that can get you started: Download Now. Learn more.

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