5 Ways To Know If Your Sales People Struggle Asking The Right Questions:

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

1. Their win rates are low and they missed quota.

2. They consistently sell at lower margins.

3. They pursue opportunities outside your ideal target market.

4. They lose deals in the 11th hour due to "price".

5. Their opportunities rarely close when forecast.

If any or all of these symptoms plague your team, it is probably because they don't know how to ask their customers tough questions........that is, they lack "consultative" selling skills.

Elite (top 10%) of sales performers are 2000% better at asking the questions that reveal pain or gain than the bottom 1/2 of all sales people. (Objective Management Group data based on 1.9M sales evaluations.)

"Consultative Selling" is the way to describe selling with a strategy that helps your customers make more money or reduce their overall cost.

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Salespeople that fail to uncover client pain points and uncover the buyer's true motivations - rarely win business when they are not the low price. They are too consumed with the need for "approval" they fail to ask the right questions, questions that elicit pain. The pain or in some cases gain that your company's products and services can remove or provide.

If you want your sales people to win more deals and at better margins, they must first become skilled at selling with a strategy. They must become skilled at Consultative Selling.

Once you've developed your current team with these skills, the opportunities to scale your business for future growth will become very achievable.

Our “SalesStar - Consultative Selling” programs are customized for your industry & designed to equip your sales people with both the critical Mindset and Skills needed to sell at an elite level.

Not only will they be equipped with the skills & strategies needed to win more deals in your industry, but our premium option provides weekly “live coaching” from a certified Five Star Sales trainer that reinforces and embeds this knowledge.

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We all know from grade school, that repetition is the "mother of learning".

Just as high performance athletes can not train for 2-3 days and win Olympic medals, nor can sales people go to a 2-day workshop and come out selling like a champion.

It's why traditional training methods rarely produce desired results.

Our weekly coaching also challenges your people to apply their newly learned skills where it matters most - in front of your customer.

It's scientifically proven that 70% of what we learn is from our actual experiences, 20% comes from being actively coached, and only 10% comes from reading books or attending workshops. Where do you want to invest your money?

The question now is not whether you can afford to invest in "experiential" coaching.....but rather - can you afford not to?

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