How To Know If You Had A Good Sales Call

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

I equate the sales process to assembling a very complex puzzle.

A puzzle that can only be completed by assembling "pieces" of information that we capture from hours of research, countless meetings with prospects and decision makers and most of all asking great questions!

Here are 3 really important questions you can ask yourself after every sales call to know whether you had a successful meeting and are making progress to assembling that complex puzzle!

Question: #1

What were my "Wins"?

By wins, I mean did you get a follow up meeting booked on the calendar? perhaps you achieved a request for proposal, or even better - did you ask for or did you receive an order?

Asking prospects for business may be the most under-rated and under-measured sales activity of all-time.

Question: #2

What did you learn?

Were you able to uncover a new opportunity, gain valuable insights such as budget or timeline on an existing deal, or perhaps you were able to identify an actual decision maker on a key opportunity?

Ok, if you didn't ask for an order - did you ask discovery questions that can help you to assemble the "puzzle" that will lead to an order?

Question: #3

What will you change in your next meeting?

If you are feeling a little empty and disappointed after asking yourself questions #1 & #2, it's possible you didn't have a really good meeting.

So what are you going to different next time?

Perhaps you could have prepared discovery questions, had an established agenda or set a personal objective for your call?

Possibly a little “pre-call prep” would have helped.

Too often, we get so excited about obtaining a meeting we forget to prepare with the intention needed that leads to successful sales outcomes.

We don't follow a process.

To the critics of "sales process" I ask - is there anything more important than having this meeting "checklist" in your back pocket?

Whether you are a sales person or manager, I hope you find this post-call routine very effective at making sure you have really good meetings.

Meetings that help you put your "sales puzzle" together.

"Win, Learn, Change" is just one process we use to help sales people and sales managers improve their sales effectiveness.

To learn more about "sales process" and how we help sales people improve their effectiveness follow me for more great tips: Follow Me on LinkedIn

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