Cure for the common "Cold - calling" virus

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Have observed "cold-calling" reluctance so bad that even when salespeople know that it makes them money, they still resist making outbound sales calls?

For some of our clients, it would be easier to get their team to chisel text messages into stone tablets than pick up the phone and call one of their prospects.

But why is cold-calling so difficult & so many salespeople have an aversion to doing it?

Whenever we make simple things complicated - we probably have missed the mark with our effort. Unfortunately, cold-calling is no different.

So here's the simple 3-part cure for fixing this "cold" call virus that seems to be as pervasive as any serious epidemic we experience today:

3-Step Cure for the "Cold-Calling" Virus:

1. Set a clear objective: the only objective on a cold call should be to set an appointment. Period. No selling, ever.

This is especially helpful for salespeople who think they need to do extensive research before calling a prospect. Huge mistake.

All research does is slow you down and gets your mind off course. Since when was browsing on your phone or surfing on your computer a means to working efficiently? Nope, don't do it - maybe a quick check on LinkedIn to qualify or disqualify - but that's it. Focus on your list and get those 50/100 calls made - today.

2. Develop a "tight" script: by tight I mean super-tight - no puffery about how wonderful your product is or your company but a script that gets straight to the point like a sharp spear.

Nothing is engaging as a message that gets right to the point. I can't stand a cold call when I can't figure out what the caller wants within the first 5-10 seconds.

A really good cold call script should be composed of 4 elements that can be delivered in rapid-fire succession:

1 - who you are.

2- where you're from.

3- why you're calling.

4. - what's in it for the prospect (if they give you an appointment.)

"What's in it for your prospect" could be a component of your elevator pitch or key messaging that helps you get the "cut-through" with your prospect.

Focus for #4 should be on what helps your ideal future client achieve one of their primary goals. If it doesn't, you're not likely to get an appointment.

My team's number 4 is: "The purpose of my call is to book a meeting with you to see if I can make a positive impact on your business by increasing your sales effectiveness".

3. Know your numbers: how many calls do you need to make in order to get the number of meetings needed to present the # of proposals to sell the # deals required to make your sales target? Without knowing your numbers, all your cold calling effort is unstructured and will probably not lead to the outcome you desire.

Do you need help arriving at your numbers or developing your elevator pitch? If so, download our complimentary sales plan here where you can calculate the new business needed as well as the activity metrics required to smash your budgets: Download Plan.

Would you like help structuring your script or developing key messaging such as your elevator pitch?

Those are also a key component of our 1 page sales plan.

Please reach out if you'd like help getting started. Our sole purpose is to help those committed to growth achieve their goals by increasing the sales effectivness.

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