Front-Line Sales Managers, the "Forgotten Ones".

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Have you ever been concerned about the quality or quantity of "coaching" that takes place between your front line sales managers and their remote sales force?

If so, you're not alone....

Statistics show that less than 10% of sales managers coach their team's frequently & effectively - and this is not a new "epidemic".

The reality is, most sales managers were often the top-performing sales people and promoted into the leadership roles so that they could teach their team's the best practices that made them successful.

The idea of promoting these top performers really makes sense when you consider it from that perspective.

Then why do you think so many of managers struggle "coaching" their team's effectively?

Is it because:

a) they were never given any training or skills to coach or lead?

b) is it because "sales skills" are not transferable into "coaching skills"?

c) perhaps it's because once they won their "promotion" they discovered they really didn't enjoy coaching sales people to begin with?

d) is it because under-performers are often very resistant to coaching?

e) or they just don't have a weekly coaching cadence, because systems & processes that focus on leading activity, reflected in your CRM have never been developed.

Now that you've read this......Is it possible some or all of the above are true of your Team?

So you must be thinking if you're still reading this........What can I do about this "problem"?

Ask yourself these 4 questions if your are committed to transforming your team:

- what training, processes and systems have you developed for your managers to coach their team's effectively?

- what is the current skill set of your sales managers and what help do they need to become more effective?

- what are the skills that you need to develop in your sales team that your managers should be coaching?

- who actually enjoys managing people, and who would be happier back in a sales role?

If getting answers to these questions sounds like a good starting point, we can help you find them.

We provide our clients answers to these questions with our "Sales Effectivness and Improvement Analysis". We use this proven approach which has been field tested with more than 15,000 companies to determine what your team's current capabilities are and what needs improved to dramatically increase your revenue.

We promise to provide you answers to these questions and more:

- what motivates our sales people?

- what can we do to improve our sales effectiveness?

- what impact are the sales managers having on their team?

- who can be helped, and who needs a new role?

- are we hiring the right people or does our criteria need to change?

Learn more about a "Sales Effectiveness & Improvement Analysis" here.

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