The Why & How to Source Sales Candidates Outside Your Industry

Updated: Jan 29

It is almost always better to hire based on potential rather than experience, but this can be very challenging for most companies to do without a strategic recruiting process.

Often your sales managers are left with just enough time to recruit candidates they know of within your industry. And in many cases, the candidates that are available couldn't "cut it" with your competitor.

So what's going to be different about their sales outcomes working for you?

Hiring sales people based on industry experience alone is a guaranteed path to mediocre results and will lead to years of frustration for you as a business owner or sales manager dealing with under-performers.

Instead, try sourcing your next superstar from another industry - they could very likely be working in places you haven't thought of and have the rising potential to be your next sales super star.

Here is the "how" to get started:

1. Place attractive job ads that describe the candidate and role you are recruiting for.

Too often job ads describe the company & no one really cares about that until the know what's in it for them.

2. Assess candidates prior to interviews and phone screens.

Using the right assessment will not only tell you who can sell, but if they will sell. The use a sales-specific assessment also helps create the efficiency you need to process dozens of applicants.

3. Phone screen with a strategic process that is objective and challenges the candidate to sell.

Use a scorecard and take "gut instinct" out of the equation. Besides - It's fun to put people in an environment similar to what they will face with your prospects. How did they do? If not well, that's probably what you will get when they try to sell your products and services.

4. Only interview candidates that meet your requirements, pass muster with the assessment, and score well in short phone screens.

Do I need to even explain why?

5. Hire rising stars that you never would have ever thought you could find.

Smash budgets, increase margins, and own a process that you can leverage to scale your business.

If you would like help attracting top sales candidates by sourcing from a larger pool, contact us for help getting started.

Your team will need to have a strategy and a process to execute this plan efficiently or risk wasting a lot of time and valuable resources.

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