Is Finding Weakness The Key To Personal Improvement?

Well if you believe the old adage " a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link" then yes, finding your "weakness" is the right approach to becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

Before we start running down this "path" to personal improvement let's take a look at a couple "human" scenarios to confirm this approach with people and not just chains.

I like to analyze successful people and study what allowed them to become so "great" in their industry and to have separated from their peers.

Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan are two champions that frequently come to my mind....

In 1997 Tiger Woods at the very young age of 21 conquered the field at the Masters by a record margin.

Only weeks later that he and his coach announced they were going to analyze his mechanics with the help of video and "rebuild" his swing to eliminate critical flaws that he felt would not hold up under high-pressure matches. Critics thought this was foolish. Didn't he just smash the field at the Masters?

Today, Tiger Woods has won 82 official PGA tour events, 7 more than Jack Nicklaus and has only lost once when leading more than one shot after 54 holes. An amazing record of consistent achievement.

The question I ask:

Has Tiger posted this incredible record because he is so much more physically gifted & a longer driver of the golf ball? If that's what you think, you're probably not alone.......but first consider this:

In the 2013 season, there were 9 golfers that averaged over 300 yards per drive - these guys were the most physically gifted "bombers" that year.

How do you think Tiger Woods ranked?

Tiger Woods ranked first in victories but 28th in overall driving distance.

He didn't become great because of his superior power, Tiger became dominant because he eliminated his weaknesses. He removed the weakest links in his "flawed swing".

Let's take a look at one more scenario - my favorite and arguably the best & most successful basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

For those of us avid basketball fans, we may recall hearing that Michael Jordan struggled in high school and was an "average" player on a very talented North Carolina college team.

Michael Jordan struggled to make his high school team and was relegated to the JV squad.

Dismayed by this "setback" he pressed his coach for the reason why: The coach countered that young Jordan was not a reliable free throw shooter and couldn't be trusted on the court in the critical Varsity game.

Michael set out to eliminate that weakness and proceeded to work diligently on his free throw shooting. He committed to making 500 free throws per day. He didn't shoot 500 a day, he made 500 day to improve this part of his game.

Eventually Michael Jordan became one of the sport's best athletes, full of many talents and able to make fancy "dunks" which he became known for - but is that what allowed him to become so great and so dominant a Champion?

Have you watched any of the recent NBA "slam dunk" competitions?

The athleticism is amazing, truly incredible, jaw-dropping in fact.

Interestingly though, I've never heard of most of those guys competing for the "dunk crown", but I do know who Michael Jordan is.

Michael Jordan became the greatest basketball player ever not because of his athleticism was superior, not because he could jump higher, run faster, but because he worked tirelessly to eliminate his weaknesses.

So, this leads to the question: how do you find your "weak links" and put a development plan together that can help make you or your team the best version of themselves they can become?

Do you have video that can capture your team in action? Do you keep stats on their key activities - activities that lead to winning, that lead to successful outcomes?

You see, measuring the result is not enough, if that's all Tiger did, he would have been happy with the wins he was getting and have never become so dominant.

Is it possible that you will require the help of an objective resource? An objective evaluation "tool" that has been proven nearly 2,000,000 times to be be 92% reliable?

If you believe that an evaluation of your weaknesses is the next logical next step in your pursuit of developing yourself or that of your team, we would be honored to help.

We help you by providing access the #1 Ranked Assessment Tools for the past 9 years.

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Frank Niekamp

Ventas Solutions

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