Should Dress Code Standards Apply To Remote Workers?

I was having a conversation last week with a Sales Director of a building products company that was frustrated with the engagement & productivity of some of his staff.

He continued to share how he has found himself being more productive and having more client meetings per day than he ever has - working from home.

He continued to share how he has continued to get dressed in his traditional work clothes every morning and set off on his day - working from his home office.

Keep in mind, I'm diving into this controversial subject sitting in a t-shirt and sweats at 6:09am. My goal here is not to offer my opinion, but rather solicit good conversation and healthy debate a topic we all may need to visit sooner than later.

Before you share your opinions here, I have another question to ask you first:

"Why do companies maintain workplace dress codes in the first place?"

Here are a few obvious reasons, perhaps you have others I haven't considered?

  1. Projects a professional image & mindset

  2. Keeps employees focused on business & not other innate human desires....

  3. Helps support a mindset of "I'm here to work, not to play"

  4. ?

Back to the original question:

Should company dress code standards apply to remote workers? Please place your opinions here.

- Frank Niekamp

Frank Niekamp is a High Performance Sales Coach with SalesStar and an accomplished B2B sales producer & leader. Frank's vision is that top performing sales team's all have exceptional commitment, motivation, and engagement. Sales leaders that desire growth have a tremendous responsibility for creating a company culture of sales excellence.

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