Terrifying Statistics on Sales Management by Walter Crosby

This post is from fellow Certified SalesQBer in Detroit Michigan - Walter Crosby - owner of Blue Smoke Consulting. www.waltercrosby.com

As a Certified Partner with the award-winning Objective Management Group, we have access to a tremendous amount of data and science about Salespeople.  The OMG team is constantly mining the data on over 1.93 million sales evaluations and assessments. 

The most recent example of data should horrify any CEO who has Sales Managers on their payroll.  OMG looked at data from evaluations and assessments of 17,000 salespeople who reported to 4,000 managers in over 100 industries.

Consider these statistics on Tracking and Reporting of Sales Activities and Pipeline management:

Margins are the metric tracked most frequently. 65% of sales managers track that because they need that metric to calculate commissions!3% of sales managers don’t track or report on anythingOnly 6% of sales managers track cost per sales callOf the 5 pipeline metrics that could be tracked, an average of only 32% of sales managers track 1 or more of themOnly 33% of sales managers track closing percentageOnly 41% track average order size

If closing percentage and average order size are not tracked, it is not possible to know if you have enough opportunities in the pipeline each month. No one knows, if they have a healthy Sales Pipeline, how is that okay?  Ever wonder why the Sales Forecast is so wrong?

This is disturbing, dreadful and inexcusable.  As business owners and leaders, you must demand more of your sales leadership.  We would like to help you.  

For Q1 of 2019, we commit to working with any CEO or Business Owner for up to three hours at no cost to confirm that your sales managers are helping grow revenue, but s/he must be committed to improvements to the Sales Organization.   

To learn more about Walter Crosby and Blue Smoke Consulting in Detroit Michigan, please reach out here.

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