Want To Expand Market Share? Here Are Five Ideas How.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Learn these 5 steps to help your team win new clients:

We work with CEO's and business leaders that are frustrated with their team's lack of sales effectiveness and closing skill gaps has become a huge priority for our clients.

One of the most critical sales skills to develop with any sales team is the ability to prospect for new clients. If you believe it is important for your team to grow market share and do business with more customers, you will find these 5 tips incredibly helpful.....

Step #1: Define your ideal target market(s).

Perhaps this is really clear to you, but can the same be said for your entire team? Do they have a list of new business targets that represent your ideal future clients? If you're not sure, it will serve you well to clarify this and more importantly, communicate to your team what qualifies as an ideal prospect. Chances are, if the prospect has a problem or issue that your product or service can solve, your salesperson is on the right track.

Step #2: Develop your strategic messaging.

We live in a world of soundbites and are constantly being bombarded by messages from various media outlets promoting their agenda and seeking to capture our attention.

Question: Does your team have the critical messaging in the form of "positioning statements" or "elevator pitches" to quickly gain traction with prospects?

When we evaluate our client's sales teams and request them individually to recite their "elevator pitch" & "value proposition", less than 10% of are equipped to respond with these key messages. How well does your team stack up?

Step #3: Establish KPIs for lead generation.

When leaders tell their sales team that they want them to "sell more" or they want them to "prospect" for new business, it's not uncommon for us to get disappointing results.

There's a quote that I dearly love..."you have to inspect what you expect".

Failing to establish realistic metrics for this critical activity will leave you often disappointed with your results. The 2 KPIs you might consider include: # new leads generated & initial meetings held with prospects. What activity KPIs do you measure on a weekly basis?

Step #4: Provide weekly coaching and feedback.

Companies that provide regular coaching for their sales team enjoy the most success and gain the largest market share. In fact if you're a small business without dedicated sales management you're at a huge disadvantage. It's been studied, that companies that have dedicated sales management have out-performed their competitors in select industries by 150-200%.

Does your sales team get coached on a regular weekly basis?

Step #5: Leverage Technology & Social Media to Optimize Your Prospecting Efforts

One of the biggest changes we are experiencing right now in b2b sales is being called Digital Sales Transformation. The manner in which we must sell to increase our effectiveness is dependent on our team's ability to leverage technology and social media platforms to engage prospects.

Drop-Ins, trade shows, and traditional networking events are off the table. More people than ever are working from home and can't be reached "at work".

How has your sales team adapted to this "new normal"?

Developing strategies and the skills of your team in these 5 areas are critical if you want to grow you want to survive today.

If you want to explore the options available to you that can quickly get your team the focus & clarity they need to grow your business, schedule a strategy session with one of our high performance sales coaches.

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