Want to know what really separates the Winners from Losers in Sales?

Over the past 8 weeks we have been very busy with a number of our growth minded clients by helping them upgrade their sales team. What we have learned recruiting from the current pool of sales candidates has been very interesting.

My goal is to share these findings so you can use this information to fix some of your own sales frustrations and perhaps develop strategies to grow your business in a tough economic environment.

Current Situation:

A few of the applicants we have spoken with are still employed, however the vast majority have been recently "furloughed" or "laid off" due to COVID-19.

Some of the unemployed applicants were less tenured than their peers, but many more were not the top-producers on their team and were dismissed. We know this is true based on live conversations and resume reviews. We validate these observations with a sales candidate assessment we leverage that assigns a percentile ranking based on nearly 2 million sales people assessed.

What we have found is that the current pool of candidates have consistently lower results with 2 critical areas measured: "Will to Sell" and "Sales DNA". Will to Sell is the most important finding and is made up of 5 critical competencies: Desire, Commitment, Outlook, Motivation, and Responsibility.

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Desire def: "How badly someone wants to be successful in sales."

Desire is a pretty intuitive competency to understand, without desire one is going to need a heck of a support system to win new business and enjoy any level of sales success. Most people that are "in sales" have a reasonably adequate desire to be successful and we are finding about 5-7% of candidates tested that this competency is low.

This is still a very noteworthy finding because we find companies mistakenly select candidates that possess the necessary enthusiasm & desire to be successful in sales, but unfortunately still struggle to produce results.

Bottom line: Having the desire to be successful is not what separates most winners from losers in sales. Not even close. Keep reading if you want to find out what does....

Commitment def: This competency measures how far above and beyond the normal "call of duty" a sales person will go and how uncomfortable they will allow themselves to be in order to produce sales success.

If you want an example of what this looks like, watch "Last Dance" featuring the career of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls teams of the 90's. Michael Jordan not only had an extremely high level of commitment to win championships, but he "willed" this commitment level into his teammates as well. Air Jordan was willing to do whatever it took to win, within ethical boundaries.

Bottom line: Commitment is the #1 "Will to Sell" competency that impacts sales outcomes. A low score here can be why a candidate is Recommended or Not Recommended to our clients for hiring consideration.

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