What Every CEO Should Know About Sales

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

It's not unusual for company presidents and CEOs to be frustrated with their sales department's lack of productivity.

What is unusual, that despite this all too familiar issue, there isn't a single proven strategy that CEOs frequently rely on to fix their sales "problem".

The solutions used are typically tactical fixes such as:

-tweaks to the compensation program

-investments in training

-puchasing a new CRM

-recruiting better people

......and of course just asking them to go "sell more" without any clear direction of how to do it.

What every CEO should be doing is challenging their sales managers to provide them with their highest payoff activities within three buckets:




You will find that your sales managers may initially have a shorter list of high payoff activities in each category than they probably should and that their time currently is allocated to various low payoff activities that you could hire people for $15/hr to perform.

When you get them started on this "S-T-P" exercise, you will help them uncover an unfortunate truth: Inefficient sales managers spend most of their week on low payoff activities and they lack a shared sales process to leverage in order to develop under-performing sales people.

"S-T-P" is a great starting place to get your Sales Department whipped into shape and producing the results you expect.

Reach out to us today if you would like help implementing this "next level" sales strategy and the many other ideas we use to help thousands of others.

Thanks for taking time to read, now let's get to work on some high pay off activities!

- Frank Niekamp



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