What Impact Are Your Sales Managers Having & How To Know For Sure.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

This is a question I ask our clients at the very early stages of our engagement and almost without fail, the answer I get is: "I'm not really sure"....

To be clear, most of our clients are growth-minded CEO's, President's, and Leaders of successful businesses that are concerned with their team's sales-effectiveness and aren't sure what to do about it. Most of our C-Suite clients didn't rise from the sales ranks and don't have history of personal experience to leverage.

Often they've tried various "tactical" approaches to improving sales outcomes including the purchase of a new CRM, tweaks to compensation, sales training, and some have even tried recruiting new people and none of these things have the impact they're looking for.

The purpose of sharing this topic with you is to help you focus on the key lever that many have not given the requisite attention to: improving your sales managers capabilities.

Here are the 3 key pillars you can focus on to improve your sales managers & produce the sales growth you are looking for.

  1. Leadership

  2. Strategy

  3. Management/Accountability

The leadership pillar hinges on one simple concept: "Leaders are people with followers".

Leaders inspire & motivate their team to achieve in ways they wouldn't have been able to on their own. Key competencies of leadership include:

  • self awareness & emotional intelligence (E.Q.)

  • leadership style

  • motivation

  • core values & ethics

The 2nd pillar, Strategy requires the sales manager to have developed a strategic game plan that provides the clarity & focus needed for their team to produce reliable outcomes. A few key elements of a successful sales manager's Strategy must include:

  • goal setting, both personal & professional

  • analysis - internal, external, competition

  • defining their ideal future customer & understanding their problems

  • developing strategic messaging that connects with these future customers

  • focusing their team on the critical activities that produce desired outcomes

  • establishing team profiles & client facing structure

The 3rd pillar, Management/Accountability is perhaps the one that most sales managers are rarely prepared to execute. Often, sales managers are promoted because of their individual sales performance but are ill-prepared to manage people. Here are just 4 competencies a sales manager must develop to achieve success with accountability:

  • mapping out a sales process from lead generation to closed/won business

  • define what the sales people are to be accountable to (hint: not just results)

  • establish a scorecard for measuring these critical activities

  • creating weekly/monthly/quarterly checkpoints to inspect progress

If you believe focusing your sales managers on these 3 Pillars could help you produce the results you desire, reach out. We would like to learn more about you & the specific challenges your team is focused on to create reliable growth for your business.

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