Why hiring sales people doesn't have to be so difficult.

Successfully recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding new sales talent is a serious challenge for most companies. Few have "cracked the code" to this massive opportunity and I am going to share one of the best practices we coach our clients on that improve their hiring success rates to 91%+.

  1. Re-evaluate the hiring criteria & the qualifications of the candidates you choose from.

It's not unusual for companies to believe that they have hired "really good" sales people to only learn later that they can not sell and often struggle to reach the top half of your current sales team.

We recommend clients begin their new-hire improvement plan here. The factors that differentiate top-performing sales people from those that struggle is an enigma for most business leaders.

Discover the competencies that separate top performers.

If you find your team hiring primarily based on industry experience or technical knowledge this is probably your first obstacle to clear. Another common mistake is to hire based on personality or behavioral styles.....only to learn that all "extroverts" are not great sales people and you are probably passing on some really good candidates that are more "introverted".

So what are the criteria that companies have found consistently produce top performing sales people? Hiring candidates with experience and technical knowledge is perfectly acceptable and recommended, however don't let that be your only criteria.

Instead, try using a sales-specific candidate assessment tool to understand the gaps that an experienced sales person has. This will provide your team with insights to understand their development needs & if they can be successful helping you grow your business. Remember this sobering statistic: half of all experienced sales candidates are probably below average performers.

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