Why I Became A Sales Coach

Today’s circumstances actually remind me of a time in my life that was extremely difficult. 2012 was one of the most emotionally challenging years of my professional life. I went from being my company's top performing sales person to experiencing frustration like I never had before.

As a result of my sales success, I was tasked with a leadership assignment to develop an underperforming sales team. Previous success led me to believe I had the answers, but I was wrong. My sales skills did not transfer into my new role like I had assumed. I needed to teach my team how to fish, not catch the fish for them. My assignment was to grow my team……and I was struggling. It took me 3 painful and frustrating years to figure out that I had it all wrong…. Lucky for me, I met a coach that taught me the proven strategies, leadership, & management skills I needed to help my team achieve strong double-digit growth. The ensuing success my team enjoyed and my desire to help other people experience my previous frustration is what led me to become the High-Performance Coach I am today. If your sales team is not achieving their potential, is it possible they're challenged with some of the same things I was? Would you be open to a conversation to discuss your top priorities for growth and how we can potentially help you achieve them?

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Frank Niekamp SalesStar - High Performance Coach

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