Would You Recruit This Guy to Your Team?

It is a rhetorical question...

After all, Joe Burrow did just go from "riding the pine" at Ohio State to Heisman trophy winner and National Champion.

I could go on for days about Joe Burrow and what he persevered to accomplish, but I want to get right to the point of this article - which was inspired by Joe's accomplishments and his proven attitude for winning Championships.

I read his comments today from an interview about how important it was going #1 in the NFL draft and his response struck a nerve.

"You want to go No. 1, but you also want to go to a a great organization that is committed to winning. Committed to winning Superbowls" - Joe Burrow.

That quote sums up Joe Burrow, he wants to be a part of a team committed to winning. A team that shares his same level of commitment to winning Super Bowls.

His quote resonated with me because this is exactly what we recommend our clients look for in sales candidates. We recommend they only consider sales candidates that possess the same characteristics that Joe Burrow displayed the past 2 years and again in this recent interview.

What Joe displayed is the most important characteristic of what you also want in a sales candidate.....that characteristic is "Commitment". What's scary is that this characteristic is nearly impossible to "spot" and most sales candidates will say all the right things in an interview.

Commitment to be successful selling is the #1 most important factor for sales success.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of important factors that lead to sales effectiveness but none more important. We measure for 21 competencies in all, but without commitment you have Zero chance of sales success in a competitive environment.

You will see in our candidate Assessment Dashboards below: the The "Will to Sell" competencies include: desire, Commitment, outlook, motivation, and responsibility.

Here is a candidate we would recommend you interview - based on their "Will to Sell". They're not "perfect" and there is no such thing as a perfect sales person - but overall this is a very strong candidate.

Candidate 1:

Here is a snippet from a candidate assessment we would Not Recommend you interview.

Notice any differences?

Candidate 2:

What I noticed about the 2nd candidate is that like most sales people, this candidate has a strong "Desire" to be successful. However desire to be successful alone is not a great predictor of success and without commitment could be described as "wishful".

Could you imagine if we evaluated all the NFL team owners and asked at the beginning of the year who "desired" to win the Superbowl - what their responses would be?

The overwhelming responses would probably indicate a high "desire" or they wouldn't have purchased a franchise in the first place.

But "commitment" to winning is what separates Champions like Joe Burrow from perennial losers, just like it does with people in sales.

The "Will To Sell" quotient factors so strongly - that a low score here will impact whether we recommend you even consider interviewing a candidate - let alone ever hire them.

When you're thinking about selecting your next sales candidate, do not make that very expensive decision without knowing if they have the crucial "Will To Sell".

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