If you were Dabo, would you have trained in a hotel?

Updated: Jan 29

Well I can certainly think of better places to train, but that's exactly what Dabo Swinney and the Clemson football team did in the days leading up to their Championship game versus LSU.

Now, I'm not saying that's the reason they lost, but I can't imagine it helped them get ready & acclimated to the environment they were going to face against a partisan crowd favoring LSU.

So if you agree this was not ideal for Clemson, why do we train our sales people in a hotel, conference room, or any other setting than the "field" they will compete on?

Too often, we not only train sales people in the wrong environment, but we do so only 2-3 days per year.

Could you imagine a high performance athlete training 2 days per year and expect to win Olympic medals - let alone train themselves in a hotel rather than on their track or field of play?

If you're looking to supercharge your sales team and are open to a fresh approach that supports training them in the "field of play" perhaps its time to look at a non-traditional training approach.

We not only provide world-class resources to coach your team on a weekly basis, but also get them actively learning in the field of play - where real sales development can occur.

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