Your Next Great "Strategy" Is Closer Than You Think

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

If you're focused on strategic "moves" to take your business to a higher level of efficiency & success, you should be reading this.

Your current strategic thinking may include marketing, technology, recruiting, pricing, or implementing new processes - to name just a few.

To be fair, all of these may be highly effective over time.... but a common challenge trying to implement these changes will often be met with employee "resistance".

If this resistance theme is familiar, you may just need to add a key ingredient that is much closer than you realize.....

Employee Engagement.

Engagement defined- “emotional involvement or commitment...”

If you’re nodding agreement and wondering what steps your Team can take to energize your level of “employee engagement”....keep reading.

You may have previously belonged to, or observed a successful team with a high level of employee engagement and know firsthand what this can do to rapidly implement new strategy or execute existing initiatives at a very high level.

If you are "scratching your head" and wondering what your team can do to tap into this “gold mine” of opportunity, I have a proven method for energizing employee engagement to share, but first a quick story on the drivers for "engagement":

Outlook, commitment, responsibility, desire, motivation are all attributes that we use to measure an individual's overall "sales mindset" - that is how their overall "Will To Sell" compares to over 1.8M sales people studied.

We measure for "Will to Sell" & critical sales competencies when we "engage" a new client and are performing a "sales team effectiveness & improvement analysis." This analysis determines if selling skills need developed or if they are present, the mindset development & coaching needed to fuel growth.

Our research has concluded that “commitment” - a key driver in employee engagement is the number one factor that differentiates “elite” sales performance from those that are below average.

We know based on our research of nearly 2,000,000 sales people, that when "commitment" is low or absent, the road to achieving any measurable success is a very, very, long one -if ever attainable at all.

Getting back to the "how-to" create employee engagement answer:

One of many engagement "levers” that we advocate for our clients, is to actively involve their stakeholders in our 2-day strategic foundation workshop that focuses on sales planning and sales-process mapping. These are common areas that need refinement or defining and are proven by Harvard Business Review to have up to a 20% impact on growth and overall sales effectiveness - when adopted quickly.

We have found that when involving a broader range of stakeholders, our client’s strategy & their newly defined processes not only take on a real world focus, but energize the much needed "buy-in" that reduces "resistance" and increases employee adoption by a large margin.

Our motto-

...”if you help plan the fight, you don’t fight the plan”

Request more information about our 2-Day Strategic Foundation Workshop and other Sales Star programs here.

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