Recruiting sales people giving you a headache?


Are you frustrated with the inconsistent results your team has been getting?

46% of sales people will fail within their first 6 months. 


Our candidates will rise to the top 1/2 of your sales team within their first year.

Our STAR  recruiting process delivers you successful hires with 92% reliability vs. traditional "hire & hope" models:

Whether you need help implementing a recruiting strategy your current staff can execute or...........if you prefer we provide you a turnkey sales recruiting solution, we can help you hire and develop more "A" players and stop wasting money on under-performers.

Key elements of our STAR  Recruiting process:

  • Attract the right candidates

  • Assess & identify those candidates that can & will sell from those that can not

  • Interview strategies that are objective and confirm cultural "fit"

  • Make final selection only from top performers that will consistently exceed quota selling your products & services

  • On-board and develop into Top Performers


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What Our Clients Say:

We hired Ventas Solutions at a time our company was experiencing tremendous growth. The last thing we could afford to do was make hiring mistakes with our sales team - which included adding key positions in both sales & sales management.

Their process was extremely efficient and started producing strong additions to our team within 6 weeks. Their recruiting team focused on the specific roles and responsibilities required to be successful with our company and they also worked to understand the values needed to support our company culture.


I would recommend Ventas to any business owner that is committed to recruiting top performers.


Kevin Delaney CEO and Chairman Total Home Companies

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