A sales manager's strategy bucket encompasses several elements including setting an ideal profile of sales people being recruited, the strategic messaging  & techniques you teach your sales team to empower them to have productive conversations with clients and prospects. 


An effective sales strategy should also involve defining the target market and defining a repeatable process that allows your entire team to scale & achieve predictable success. 


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Tactics involve your weekly, monthly, and quarterly cadence that you establish working with and coaching your Team. 


These tactics include establishing and holding your team accountable to the leading activity metrics or KPI's that are critical to the success of your sales team by following defined sales processes, coaching sales skills, and establishing individual growth plans.

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Without a committed and dedicated sales Team supporting your strategic initiatives, nothing great can be accomplished. 


Your "people plan" starts with recruiting & hiring the right people for the right roles - that possess the key pillars of success: desire & commitment. 


Once you are attracting the right people - motivating, developing and coaching becomes the easy part.  We provide your front line sales managers proven methods for coaching and empower them to have productive conversations with their team.


Sales managers should strive to minimize hiring mistakes based on flawed processes. 


Learn how to eliminate these hiring mistakes and start building a stronger team today:


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