Planning Process & Pipeline

We work with your team to define a strategic sales plan & process that is based on your specific industry and the best practices you followed when winning new business. 

Your team is then coached to achieve "milestones" of your process that is mirrored in your pipeline stages.

Learn more how to successfully define and implement your company's sales process by scheduling a 15 minute strategy session with one of our coaches.

Is your pipeline bloated with opportunities that have stalled or not closing when forecast?

Not enough new opportunities entering your pipeline each week?

Will your late stage opportunities fall painfully short of delivering the results you need for the coming quarter?

These common "pipeline" issues fester when a disciplined sales process and weekly coaching cadence have not been successfully implemented.







Harvard Business Review & Objective Management have proven that companies they studied increased sales by 17-19% within 12 months by defining and coaching their team to a "milestone-centric" sales process.

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What Our Clients Say:

"My team hired Ventas at a time our company was working on process improvement in various departments.


My sales department needed help defining the key activities and metrics that needed tracked in our CRM. Ventas not only helped us with these processes but also implemented a weekly sales development program that is producing the desired behavior changes we needed as well.


We have retained Ventas to provide support with sales recruiting and they have been very good at providing us with strong candidates in a very tight labor market and on-boarding plans to insure a quick ramp-up.


I would recommend Ventas to any business leader that needs help developing a growing sales team." - Eddie Davis VP Sales, Legacy Maintenance Services.

"VENTAS" - sp: noun  "the area of application targeted at helping salespeople identify, track, and forecast selling opportunities and bring them to successful closure more effectively"


"Empowering people to produce transformational results."

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